The Esports Lab has 12 fully equipped PCs open for members of the WPI community to use for events and gaming.

Specifications & Software

Each computer is preloaded with the same software and has a set of peripherals for use. If you’d like, you can download your own software and games for use on the PC. You can also bring peripherals to plug into USB hubs on the tables. A full list of specifications, peripherals, and software found on the PCs can be found here.

How to Use

Users should restart a computer before and after using it. Rebooting the computer resets it to a default state and will remove any unwanted data or programs that could be left on the computer. To protect your accounts and your privacy, restart the PC before using to ensure no programs have been left by another user and restart once you’re done with the PC to ensure that all of your data is wiped from the machine.

Issues & Feedback

If you’re having technical issues or a computer isn’t working as expected, please leave a response on our Issues Form.

If you’d like to request a piece of software to be default installed or would like to see something changed in the Esports Lab let us know via the Feedback Form.